Jon Swan

The Ones Who Got Away
New & Selected Poems
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l. Flight from Manhattan

The Buddhaphone
The Social Contract

Metropolitan Life
The Story Line
The Reprieve
Flight from Manhattan
Among Commuters
At the Suburban Station
Hopper's "Gas," 1940
The View from Gansevoort Pier
Taking the Plunge

III. A Flight of Birds and a Bat

On Forgetting to Buy a Newspaper the Day Before Yesterday
The Magpie
Idyll, with Siren
The Flight Lesson
Circle, with Penguins
Heaven and Earth
When Wren
Arioso for William Russo
 The Cardinal Is
 Angel Food
People and Bats

lV. Arrival & Departures

Old Man Descending
By Winter-Kitchen Light
Afterlife of a Poet
Skiing with Jonathan Edwards
The Dragonfly
The Great Wave
Camille Claudel’s “La Vague
A History of Art
Ancient Antissa
Ionian Eclogue
Dunes Moving
The Pond
Brittenburg: A Sea-Level Tale
At First Endlessly
Now or Then
The Outage
Purely Physical: A Love Story

V. The Ones Who Got Away

The Ones Who Got Away
For Hazir
Reflections on a Line by Anna Akhmatova

VI. Occasional Verse

In the Waiting Room of the Clinic
The Social Contract  
On the Longing for a Cigarette    

Adjusting to Citizens United

The Birth of the Banana Republic!

The Birth of the Banana Republic: Florida 2000
The Story Line
The Man in Blue: Total Information Awareness
 The Vial: 2/6/03

A Garland for the Gasbag

The Great Gas Bag
Taps, Muted
 The Launching of the Slingshot Ride
The King of Bedlam

Dumb as a Rock
Conzoomerism, as the World Burns